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Fake IDs a matter of survival / Mail & Guardian

18-11-2011 20:23
Fake IDs a matter of survival MIA MALAN  - Nov 18 2011 00:00 'I'm going to show you the names of the children in the book where I record them," says Ncedisa Paul, while walking to her car parked on a dusty gravel road in the former Transkei. "I've got one case of a woman who 'sold' all...

Een schrijnend verhaal over gezondheidszorg in Transkei / Mail&Guardian

11-11-2011 00:00
'God make us strong, I beg you, keep Luphumlo alive'   MIA MALAN  | ZINDINDI, EASTERN CAPE  - Nov 11 2011 00:00 A few minutes after midnight, on a Saturday in June this year, the wind was howling around the walls of a mud hut in the Zindindi location in the former Transkei,...

bericht van Eybe

12-08-2011 20:29
Thanks to all obontu people in the Netherlands for your donations! We do not get much support here. Jacob just informed me, that obontu is going to sponsor office chair and desk for my room at mapuzi clinic. I will try to buy it this weekend in mthatha!

Eerste Obonto Feest groot succes

22-05-2011 20:00
Zaterdag 21 mei vierden Koos en Bruun hun verjaardagen én het eenjarig bestaan van de stichitng Obonto op de Havikstraat 19. In plaats van verjaardagskadootjes wilden zij een  gulle gift voor Obonto. Familie, buren, collegae en alle vrienden van Obonto van het eerste uur doneerden royaal: de...
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